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NYPD can now indefinitely jail anyone protesting NYPD abuses without charging them - in jails that are rife with COVID. Just for protesting the NYPD.
#NewYork #BlackLivesMatter #justiceforgeorgefloyd #NYPD
But who made it violent?
#saltlakecity #slc #utah #blacklivesmatter
Tonight in #neworleans. This was a peaceful protest until the police escalated.
If you were there and want us to repost your story tag us.
Photo cred: Michael DeMocker
Can’t stop watching. She deserves the world she is dreaming of. Another world is possible.
This happened tonight in New York as a friend of @tommiesunshine was in her car in Manhatten. The NYPD beat a citizen, two cops came over and instead of intervening THEY started beating the person as well!
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has ...
Reposted from @fightfor15 @McDonalds you are not "one of us."⠀

Our statement in response to McDonald's post:⠀

#FightFor15 #ProtectAllWorkers #UnionsForAll #strike #labor #action #activism #fastfood #McDonalds #workersrights #laborrights #humanrights #fairpay #wagetheft #union #workers #wage #minimumwage #inequality #blacklivesmatter ...
@mondaireforcongress is running in NY-17 in the June 23rd primary!
Time to ask the FBI what THEIR sentiments or connections are to fascism.
An unprecedented surge from the community demanding loud and clear: time to take money we have poured into the police and reinvest in housing and health. If you are or know a San Diegan, make sure they follow @defundpolicesd and ...
#defundthepolice h/t


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