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All power to the workers
Reposted from @fightfor15la BREAKING: After 3 days on strike more @Domino's workers have organized and are ON STRIKE.
Last week coworker was sent home with symptoms of #coronavirus and HIS FATHER was diagnosed positive.
We've ...
Don’t just clap for the nurses demand they get what they need, and vote for their endorsed candidate: Bernie “Medicare for All” Sanders
Thank you PDA!
#Bernie2020 #berniesanders #feelthebern #notmeus
Our institutions were never designed to represent our interests.
Read these stories.
Love each other.
Practice safe mutual aid if you can.
If you can't, that's OK.
We know you matter, even if our institutions and other forces want you ...
Reposted from @ericrivers_design What a “wild” idea. Good things are to come #wild - #regrann
We are once again asking you to make calls thanks @sakuramuhammad_ for this video
There is a fundamental problem with this country. Bernie has been talking about it for 40 years.
Go to our Twitter profile and give it a rt. Link in our bio.
#Bernie2020 #berniesanders #feelthebern #notmeus


Committed to Progressive Principles

People for Bernie is a collective formed before Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy for President. We are committed to progressive principles and seek to use social media and good organizing to marry the best of movement politics, electoral organizing and cultural strategies. Our core team overlaps significantly with a number of excellent allies and partners, including Ready for Warren, National Nurses Union, Democratic Socialists of America, Our Revolution, African Americans for Bernie, Feminists for Bernie, Latinos for Bernie, Socialists for Bernie, Asian Americans for Bernie, Arab Americans for Bernie, Jews for Bernie, Bernie Sanders Democrats, LGBT for Bernie, Women for Justice, Millennials for Revolution, Labor for Our Revolution, & The People’s Summit Network.